Guidelines To Make Partner Portal Programs More Successful

Published: 28th March 2012
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A lot of sellers began to make use of channel partners to help grow their business plus enhance income. Sellers mostly have 100s and 1000's of channel partners including wholesalers, resellers, retailers, VARs etc to help their business increase. However sellers do think that channel partners are very helpful for their business although what deters them about channel management is the task of taking care of a great number of channel partners - maintaining contact with them, communicating them regarding business policies, keeping a tab on their sales report plus providing them sales training from time to time. These things make channel management a big challenge for the sellers. Although as a result of Partner Portal Programs, channel management isn't as hard mainly because it used to be. Actually the work has been quite simple. Also, you can take help of channel partner management services to devise customized software which can help you carry out complicated tasks with ease.

Why Partner Portal Programs are Important

Partner portal programs are mainly designed software that makes channel partner management convenient plus far more effective. They help to raise return on investments (ROI) for the sellers as they make it very easy to take care of some of the otherwise almost all complicated tasks of channel management. By way of example, by using partner portals you'll be able to speak with 1000s of channel partner in a matter of moments, saving you both time and money.

Partner portal are integrated in sellers website, the access to which is given to channel partners only. Sellers can up-date the partner portals often plus speak to their partners related to change in price or else regarding any new plan or tactic choice. Like this communication between distributors plus channel partners are more open, transparent plus convenient.

Although, to make the partner portal programs more productive, sellers ought to follow the below listed suggestions. Implementing these systems will help enhance sales and even earnings.

- Explain the Company Goals Clearly - All companies have their objectives as well as mission statement, that will guide them reach their business goals. Sellers, by way of their partner portals, have to make these goals plus target be known to all channel partners.

- Build Proper Channel Procedures for Communication - Partner portals make it highly easy to convey crucial information to channel portals. Furthermore, message could be sent instantaneously to a large number of channel partners in a cost-effective manner. Erstwhile sellers used to send messages by way of phone, fax, direct correspondence or even by way of personal conference. All of these techniques are generally time consuming plus pricey.

- Goal Setting for Channel Partners - Though informing channel partners about their goal, sellers also need to let them know regarding their plans. It will help to keep channel partners on the right track from the beginning. Other than, it becomes very easy to decide the functionality of the channel partners.

- Gauging the Performance of Channel Partners - Partner portal programs make it easy to measure the efficiency of various channel partners. Sellers can readily assess sales report generated by way of partner portals plus judge the performance of the channel partners. Rewarding best performing channel partners can inspire other people to do well.

Take Help of Channel Partner Management Services

If you feel partner portal programs are a good idea for the business as well, consider getting help of channel partner management services providers for instance RelayWare. They're going to customize a partner portal program well suited for your channel management requirements. Using the partner portal program can make channel partner management easy as well as cost-effective for your organization.

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