Partner Portals Improves Business Process

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Published: 04th May 2011
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Businesses today don't have a choice but to invest in successful channel management strategies. Channel management focus primarily on fulfilling the requirements of your channel partners and even establishing partner loyalty. Most channel management methods have a few essential things which will have to be in place before the plan can be efficiently executed.Well developed partner portals are highly needed for good channel management.

What are partner portals?

Most are web software which help organizations to work together and moreover communicate successfully with their channel partners. Partner portals enable businesses to handle and moreover nurture their channel partner connections in the most effective manner. During initial stages, businesses interactions with their channel partners were managed with the help of faxes, telephone calls, e-mail and other means.

When these comparatively older methods of channel partner management were very helpful, they did not ensure quick or correct outcome. However with the growing popularity of partner portals, businesses can now work together and moreover communicate with partners as well as make sure that they deliver the best possible performance.

Major points for employing partner portals

1. Upgrades in the business process

Your channel partners need to give their authorized sign in credentials to have full access to the web app and moreover the taking advantage of its various advantages. The partner portal gives you important info regarding offer registrations, reseller applications, connections, leads, support and even many some other resources which channel partners require to function effectively.

2. Greater partner loyalty

Just simply getting good channel partners isn't enough. A business that doesn't regularly make an effort toward better partner management will find that channel partners working with lower performance. Simply by maintaining a well-designed and efficiently managed partner portal, parent organizations can sustain partner loyalty and even improve partner satisfaction.

3. Enhanced transparency, better results

Your partner portal works in a real time environment to help your channel partners as well as enables improved transparency among the parent company and also its partners. This allows companies to indentify trouble spots and moreover figure out which channel partners would be the company's real assets. The procedure of channel management hence becomes easier and moreover increases the parent's company's productiveness and moreover performance.

4. Preventing channel conflict

A business or company that wants to manage its channel distribution network efficiently will need a clean view of the things being performed by its channel partners. The whole channel network may possibly be busted if this does not take place. As stated before, partner portals improve greater transparency between companies and channel partners, and so making it easy to determine partner efficiency, behavior and requirements. A large amount of channel conflict is thus averted.

In the final study, businesses prefer to establish partner portals due to complete range of solutions they offer.

Maria Contreras loves to study and implement different partner management solutions. Her passion has made her write number of articles on topics like partner communication, partner portals, channel marketing, partner loyalty programs and much more.

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